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4 reasons to search wedding special vacation packages in St. Thomas

If you have planned  for starting the new life with your partner on the white beach with the blue ocean in background, then the St. Thomas will be the perfect destination for you. While choosing a location for organizing your wedding ceremony, you have to consider a number of facts, including expenses, convenience for you and your guests, available amenities as well as other fun activities. However, before starting to plan, know the reasons why you should look for wedding special vacation packages in St. Thomas.

Wedding in St. Thomas is simple:

When it comes to destination wedding, surely you will look for such a destination which is hassle free. In this island, getting a marriage license is simple. Even you do not need to be the citizen of St. Thomas for arranging your wedding ceremony here. In addition to this, the marriage is recognized here just like any other states of US. Before wedding, you just need to complete some paper works and if you plan in advance, the entire process will be finished within few days. To make the wedding simpler, you can complete the legal marriage at your own city also. When everything is done, just arrange the marriage ceremony in St. Thomas. 

Trip to multiple historic sites:

You can continue the marriage ceremony even after partying on beaches by taking part in popular fun activities in St. Thomas. There are many historic sites which are worth visiting. Heritage Trail of St. Thomas is one such place. It is located near Hamm’s Bay and Christiansted and thus, extremely convenient from any part of the island. The scenic Coastline, tropical forest and historic towns near Heritage Trail make trip here an unforgettable experience. St. Thomas is home to a lots of museums also. The Fort Frederick, St. John Village Botanical Garden and Estate Whim Plantation Museum are the most popular among those. 

Affordable accommodation:

For arranging your wedding ceremony in St. Thomas, you will have to stay for few days. For this purpose, you have to search accommodation which fits your budget. Here, all types of accommodations, from luxurious resorts to budget hotels, are available. From the plethora of vacation packages in St. Thomas , you can choose exactly those which fit your budget as well as requirement.

Partying on beaches:

Usually the beach weddings turn into an extravagant event with your families and friends. Thus, you need to organize it in such location, where along with gorgeous nature, you will get all amenities for partying also. Restaurants are available here in almost every beach. Thus, after completing the marriage ceremony, you can move to any local hotel or restaurant and continue the party with exotic foods. If you want to celebrate the wedding in a different way, book and cruise and sail off.

Apart from beach weddings, one can arrange a traditional marriage ceremony in St. Thomas also. Lots of ancient churches like the Frederick Lutheran Church are located here. To start the new life in traditional way , you can opt for arranging the occasion in these churches. However, most of the packages include beach weddings and parties. So, if you have plan for experiencing other fun activities in St. Thomas, mention it at the time of booking vacation packages.

Post by intomyownworld (2017-03-06 09:06)

Tags: fun activities in St. Thomas Virgin Islands vacation packages

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